Julie Kähler

Native Speaker

Hello. My name is Julie Kähler. I come from England and have been teaching English here in Germany since the year 2000. 

My mission statement is:
Authenticity – Confidence – Relevance – Flexibility.

I use a communicative approach to language teaching, which encourages fluency. However, I also include grammar and language awareness elements.  I encourage my learners to talk a lot to boost their confidence! Practice makes perfect and we learn from each other's mistakes and suggestions.
Whenever possible courses are tailored to individual needs and I differentiate within groups to try to achieve the best possible outcomes. I welcome new ideas and a wide range of interesting topics to discuss in class. My aim is to make lessons enjoyable, to be positive and motivating, so that my participants become much more confident in using English on a day to day basis. 

I love trying out new technologies and regularly attend training days and join in webinars (on-line seminars) and workshops to keep up to date and strive to continually improve my teaching.